Why Did Brienne Kill Stannis?

Does Stannis regret killing Renly?

He believes that Renly wronged him by stealing his bannermen, so he wanted him dead.

In the books, Stannis regrets having to kill his younger brother.

He feels very guilty about it as he loved Renly when he was a child..

Why did Stannis kill his daughter?

Midway through Sunday’s episode “The Dance of Dragons,” Stannis Baratheon, his military campaign failing as his troops froze in the snow, sacrificed his daughter Shireen in a last-ditch effort to change his fate. At the urging of his mistress, Stannis ordered the young teen burned alive.

How did Shireen get greyscale?

Stannis Baratheon explains to his daughter Shireen how she contracted greyscale as an infant, from an infected doll that he bought from a passing merchant ship from Dorne. … Unbeknownst to Tyrion, Jorah has been infected with the disease, having been touched on the wrist by one of the stone men.

Is stannis a good guy?

While Ned tempers his own rigid sense of honor and duty with kindness and compassion, Stannis is only cold logic and ambition. Like Ned, he makes a better general than politician. He would be a much-hated king, and with good reason. Note: In the books, Stannis isn’t (yet) as terrible as he was in the show.

What happens to Stannis daughter?

Later on Shireen is escorted and tied to a pyre where she is sacrificed to the Lord of Light by Melisandre, who does so without remorse. As she burns she pleads for her mother and father to help her.

Why do D&D hate Stannis?

Assuming that they didn’t hate the character himself, I think it’s because they realized that they were going to outpace the novels, and wouldn’t have a nice little roadmap of where to go next. They would need to improvise, and a character like Stannis requires a lot of thought and effort to write well.

Why didn’t they show stannis death?

Why did we never see Stannis die? We see him bring approached by Brienne and assume what happened. It was done for the dramatic effect, and there’s really no reason to show his execution or decapitated body. Brienne tells Mel and Davos at Castle Black that she executed him.

What was the point of Stannis Baratheon?

He was the first to spread the story of Cersei’s incest and Joffrey’s illegitimacy, adding legitimacy to the War of Five Kings. By killing Renly he drove the Tyrells to ally with the Lannisters, giving them the strength to win the war (and convincing Roose Bolton to switch sides).

Why does Brienne think Renly is the rightful king?

Regardless, she swore a vow. Stannis’s reason for thinking he’s the rightful king is illogical and emotional too. She obviously believed he Renly had the right to be on the iron throne. Why else would she have pledged her loyalty to him.

Is stannis dead in the books?

According to George R.R. Martin, the supposedly slain Baratheon is still alive — at least in the books. … Stannis is currently presumed dead in both the show Game of Thrones and the Song of Ice and Fire books upon which the HBO series is based. In the books, Ramsay Snow spread a rumor that Stannis met his demise.

Why did Stannis kill Renly?

In order to be king, he needs Renly’s army. To get the army he has Renly killed. To accomplish this, he has sex with Melisandre, committing adultery on a map of Westeros (great visual puns here), then has Daavos row Melisandre under Renly’s fortress so she can unleash her shadow assassin baby on Renly.

Does Brienne kill Stannis in the books?

According to Yahoo, a paragraph in the tome states: ‘Stannis was killed outside of Winterfell by Brienne of Tarth, who wished to avenge Renly’s death. … ‘Myrcella died in the arms of Jamie Lannister, who she acknowledged as her father before her death. ‘