Quick Answer: Who Is The Fastest Swimmer Ever?

Who is the fastest man alive?

Usain BoltUsain Bolt.

Getty Images Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in history after setting a world record at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin with a sprint time of 9.58 seconds in the 100-metre event..

Who is the fastest 12 year old swimmer?

Hollie Widdows12-year-old Hollie Widdows shows blistering pace to win Summer Meet gold.

Who is the most famous female swimmer?

Katie LedeckyKatie Ledecky is one of the most famous female swimmers of all time, after a record-breaking Olympic performance at only 15. During her debut, she became the first female athlete since 1968 to win the gold in three different events, the 200m, 400m, and 800m freestyle races.

Who is the first swimmer in the world?

When he won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games, Phelps broke fellow American swimmer Mark Spitz’s 1972 record of seven first-place finishes at any single Olympic Games….Michael Phelps.Personal informationFull nameMichael Fred Phelps IINickname(s)”The Baltimore Bullet” “Flying Fish”National teamUnited States13 more rows

Who is the fastest 11 year old swimmer?

11-year-old Clark Kent is breaking swimming records that Michael Phelps used to hold.

How fast a human can swim?

Olympic gold-medalist Michael Phelps can swim the 200-meter freestyle in approximately 1.42 minutes, which equates to a speed of about 4.7 mph (miles per hour) or 7.6 km/h (kilometers per hour).

Who is the fastest 10 year old swimmer?

Clark Kent Apuada10-Year-Old Clark Kent Beats Michael Phelps’ Old Swimming Record. Clark Kent Apuada now has his sights set on the Olympics. A 10-year-old swimmer with sky-high dreams and a name to match them has toppled a record previously held by Olympian Michael Phelps.

Who is the fastest swimmer in the world 2019?

Caeleb DresselAmerican swimmer Caeleb Dressel is in the record books. During Friday’s ISL Grand Finale, Dressel set a world record in the 50-meter freestyle event with a time of 20.24.

Who is the fastest woman swimmer in the world?

She is the world record holder in the women’s 400-, 800-, and 1500-meter freestyle (long course). She also holds the fastest-ever times in the women’s 500-, 1000-, and 1650-yard freestyle events….Katie Ledecky.Personal informationWeight160 lb (73 kg)SportSportSwimmingStrokesFreestyle10 more rows

Who is the slowest swimmer in the world?

Swimmer Eric MoussambaniSwimmer Eric Moussambani sets Olympic record – the slowest.

How old is Clark Kent swimmer?

11Clark Kent is an 11-year swimmer from Salinas, California. He started competitive swimming at the age of 6 and has been nothing short of spectacular ever since. Kent was recently featured on an episode of No Days Off, a series produced by Whistle’s YouTube Channel.

Which country has the best swimmers?

United StatesGlobal CupTop PositionsPoints1United States70142Russia41413China31994Great Britain30716 more rows

Who is the fastest kid swimmer in the world?

Clark KentClark Kent, a 10-year-old from California nicknamed “Superman,” is making headlines for beating retired Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ record at the Far West International Championship.

Who is faster than Michael Phelps?

Kristof MilakEarlier this week at the FINA world championships, 19-year-old Hungarian swimmer Kristof Milak broke a record Phelps held since 2001 in the 200-meter butterfly. He came in . 78 seconds faster than the 28-time Olympian, with a time of 1:50.73.

Who broke Michael Phelps records?

Kristof MilakKristof Milak Breaks a Venerable Michael Phelps Record. At the swimming world championships, Milak, a 19-year-old Hungarian, claimed the world record in the 200-meter butterfly, which Phelps had held for 18 years.