Quick Answer: Who Is The Best Gynaecologist In Sri Lanka?

Who are the best cardiologists?

Top 10 in Cardiology – 2015Salim Yusuf.


Didier de Cannière.

Chief CT Surgery CHU St Pierre Brussels Belgium.

Michael A.


Sanjay Sharma.

Scott D Solomon..

Who is the best gastroenterologist in Sri Lanka?

Gastrointestinal SurgeonDr. Chandika Liyanage.Dr. Harsha N. S. Gamage.Dr. Hasanjaya Gunawardane.Dr. Kemal Deen.Dr. Ranil Jayasena.Dr. Sanjeev Samaranayake.Dr. Nizam Nuzair.

What is the difference between Gastrologist and gastroenterologist?

One example is a gastroenterologist, a doctor who focuses on problems in your digestive tract. A gastrologist, on the other hand, deals with the stomach and stomach problems but is not recognized as a medical doctor in the U.S. From: Gastrologist vs.

Who is the best neurologist in Sri Lanka?

Dr. Gamini Pathirana.Dr. Deshamanya Vidyajyothi J.B. Peiris.Dr. Udaya Ranawaka.Dr. Ranjani Gamage.Dr. Padma Guneratne.

Who is the highest paying doctor?

Top 10 highest paying physician specialtiesGastroenterology: $495,000.Urology: $464,000.Noninvasive cardiology: $441,000.Dermatology: $420,000.Anesthesiology: $404,000.Otolaryngology: $402,000.Pulmonology/critical care: $399,000.Hematology/Oncology: $393,000.More items…•

Who is a Vog?

Obstetrician & Gynecologist (VOG) A doctor who dealt with the female reproductive organs in their pregnant and non-pregnant state, respectively.

What is the basic salary for a doctor in Sri Lanka?

This official said that after completion of their internship, a doctor during his/her first appointment receives a salary of around Rs. 167,000, while a Specialist doctor’s pay is around Rs. 250,000.

Who is the best Gynaecologist in Sri Lanka?

Top Rated DoctorsDr. Santh Lanerolle. IVF Doctors | 11 yrs exp. Colombo.Dr. Gamini Perera. IVF Doctors | 11 yrs exp. Colombo.Dr. Lakshman Pallemulla. IVF Specialist | 11 yrs exp. Colombo.Dr. Saman Nanayakkara. Test Tube Baby | 11 yrs exp. Colombo.

Who is the world best surgeon?

20 Most Innovative Surgeons Alive TodayRussell M. Nelson, MD, PhD, Cardiovascular Surgery. … Gazi Yasargil, MD, Neurosurgery. … Thomas Starzl, MD, PhD, Transplant Surgery. … Jean-Michel Dubernard, MD, Transplant Surgery. … Robert F. … Syed Modasser Ali, FRCS, Ophthalmology. … Ioannis Pallikaris, MD, Ophthalmology. … Maria Siemionow, MD, PhD, Plastic Surgery.More items…

Who is the best psychiatrist in Sri Lanka?

PsychiatristsNeil Fernando.M. Ganeshan.Shehan Williams.Damani De Silva jayasinge.Manoja Kulatunga.Ravin Hanwella.Varuni De Silva.Sudarshi Seneviratne.

Who is the best surgeon in Sri Lanka?

Dr Bawantha GamageDr Bawantha Gamage Wins ‘Best Surgical Team of the Year Award’ at BMJ Awards South Asia 2018 – USJ – University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.

Who is the best chest specialist in Sri Lanka?

Chest Specialist: Recently Added ListingsDr Geethal Perera. 0 reviews. … Dr Saman Kularathne. 0 reviews. … Dr Bandu Gunasena. 0 reviews. … Dr Amitha Fernando. 0 reviews. … Dr J.H.L Cooray. 0 reviews. H. … Dr Chandana Amarasinghe. 0 reviews. No. … Dr(Mrs) Chandimani Undugodage. 0 reviews. No. … Dr Kirthi Gunasekara. 0 reviews. 18/A, Muhandiram E.D. Dabare Mawatha, 00500.More items…

Which hospital is best for heart?

The top-ranked hospitals for cardiology and heart surgery in the 2018-2019 report are:Cleveland Clinic.Mayo Clinic.Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai.New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell.Massachusetts General Hospital.Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian.More items…•

Which country has the best cardiologists?

Why Cuba Has the Best Doctors in the World.

How long does it take to become a doctor in Sri Lanka?

Studying to become a doctor is very challenging because it involves five years of study and training. In Sri Lanka medicine is offered only in state universities and it is very competitive to get in to a state university medical school.