Quick Answer: Where Can I Find Lead And Fertilizer In Fallout 4?

How do you get fertilizer in Ark?

Fertilizer is created in a Compost Bin or by a Dung Beetle.

Fertilizer is made in a compost bin by adding at least 3 of any kind of Feces and 50 Thatch into the compost bin.

It takes about 50 mins to produce 1 bag of fertilizer in the Compost Bin..

What is the best fertilizer in Ark?

Fertilizer is a Farming material that is created in a Compost Bin or by a Dung Beetle. It is designed to be the most efficient means of fertilizing your crops; an unused batch of fertilizer provides 54,000 units of ‘fertilizer’ to any Crop Plot….FertilizerTypeFarmingNitrogen54000ItemWeight0.113 more rows

How do you get a Brahmin in Fallout 4?

Just make sure you have the money to afford the creature. Once you’ve paid him, simply select the settlement that you want to send the Brahmin to and it’ll slowly but surely make its way there. Sometimes fast traveling and waiting can help to make the Brahmin appear at your chosen settlement.

How do I get screws in Fallout 4?

Desk fans are generally the easiest way to acquire screws as they are found fairly commonly in urban areas. Early on in the game at Sanctuary Hills there are a good number of fans located inside the houses.

Who sells fiberglass Fallout 4?

Sold by Deb in Bunker Hill in shipments of 25. Sold by Lucas Miller in shipments of 25.

Where can you find fertilizer in Fallout 4?

LocationsTwo bags in the back of the Pick-R-Up truck at the hillside home.For sale at Diamond City Surplus.Connie Abernathy sells two shipments of 25.Daniel Finch sells a shipment of 25.Supervisor Greene sells two shipments of 25.More items…

Where can I find antiseptic Fallout 4?

Antiseptic, like most crafting ingredients, is almost never found in its pure form in the world. However, it can be obtained by breaking down junk items that contain antiseptic. If searching for antiseptic, it’s advised to search for the items which break down into it.

What items have copper Fallout 4?

Copper can be found all across the Commonwealth. It can also be scrapped from weapons and armor if the player character has obtained the Scrapper perk. The best source of copper for scrapping are modified pipe rifles, pipe revolvers and pipe pistols; specifically those with longer barrels.

What gives you circuitry in Fallout 4?

The best place to get some circuitry is in destroyed turrets, which you should come across around Diamond City, or during missions. Other rare resources, like crystal and even glass, should be easy enough to spot if you mark them as searched.

Where can I buy adhesive Fallout 4?

Shipments of 25 units of adhesive can be purchased from the following merchants:Brother Ogden in the Crater of Atom.Daisy in Goodneighbor though not always.Penny Fitzgerald in Covenant.Myrna in Diamond City market.Percy in the Diamond City market, separate inventory.Sister Mai at the Nucleus.Cog at Acadia.

How is human waste used as fertilizer?

Solids (feces, toilet paper and any wood shavings or mulch added) drop to an 18-gallon plastic bin. When the bin fills up, they cap it with a perforated lid, let it season for a year, then shovel its contents into a composter. “We use it to build up the soil around fruit trees and flower beds,” Keaney says.

Where do I get gears from in Fallout 4?

LocationsAcquired when scrapping submachine guns, miniguns and the Fat Man, with the Scrapper perk.Cricket sells a shipment of 25.Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City sells a shipment of 25.Rufus Rubins in Hotel Rexford at Goodneighbor sells a shipment of 25.More items…

What is asbestos used for in Fallout 4?

Asbestos is a fire resistant material used as insulation and as a fire suppressant. Because of its ability to resist fire, it can be used to craft a variety of weapon and armor mods, including fire resistant armor. It is also a component for multiple items which can be crafted at the chemistry station.

Can you fertilize eggs in Ark?

Eggs are dropped by dinosaurs and can be found anywhere a creature decides to drop one. … The only exception to fertilized eggs would be the Wyvern, Rock Drake, Deinonychus, and Magmasaur, none of which can be tamed in the wild and their fertile eggs must be obtained from the wild nest.