Quick Answer: What Is The Best Glass Screen Protector For IPhone 8?

Does iPhone 8 need screen protector?

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Screen protectors are not really needed as long as you don’t carry coins or a key in the same pocket with your iPhone..

Should I put a glass screen protector on my iPhone?

Either a plastic or glass protector will most certainly help protect against scratches. Since the protectors are usually at least a millimeter thick, a hairline scratch shouldn’t touch the display of the iPhone itself. … But a glass screen protector is not guaranteed to save your phone screen from cracking.

Are glass screen protectors worth it?

Crack and Shattering Protection Additionally, glass screen protectors will also provide protection against shattering or cracking of your phone’s screen. … Essentially, the glass screen protector is more likely to crack than your original phone screen.

Does iPhone 8 glass break easily?

“Like the Galaxy S8 and Note8, our tests show that the all-glass iPhone 8 and 8 Plus break on the first drop on all sides. Wireless charging is the future, no doubt. … In our recent Decade of Damage Study, we found that 44 percent of current iPhone owners plan to upgrade to a new model this fall.

Does the iPhone 8 screen scratch easily?

In case of iPhone 8, it got scratched at level 6, which is the exact same score as that of iPhone 7. This essentially means that iPhone 8’s display is impervious to razor blades, keys, and coins.

What is the most protective case for iPhone 8?

The Best iPhone 8 CasesLifeproof Next. … Case-Mate Folio Wristlet. … Peel Super Thin. … OtterBox Symmetry. … Vena vLove. … Tmbrs Wood Monogram Arrows. … tech21 Evo Check Evoke. … Sonix Tortoise. This shiny Sonix case stays that way thanks to scratch-resistant materials, while a raised edge protects your screen.More items…

Which is better tempered glass or screen protector?

Tempered glass is always more robust and durable than plastic. Plastic protectors get scratched easily and are around 0.1mm, while the glass protectors are generally 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness. Screen protectors can safeguard your smartphone up to a limit.

What is the best glass protector for iPhone?

These are the best iPhone screen protectors in the marketMaxboost Tempered Glass Screen Protector.Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector.Omoton Tempered Glass Screen Protector.Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector.OtterBox Alpha Glass Screen Protector.Anker GlassGuard Screen Protector.Ailun Screen Protector.More items…

Are screen protectors glass or plastic?

Plastic protectors—especially the cheap models—also get scratched easily, unlike glass ones. Glass protectors are generally around 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness; plastic is around 0.1mm. Feel: Most smartphones today have Gorilla Glass or some other scratch-resistant screen.

Are all glass screen protectors the same?

Every glass screen protector has it but they are not the same. After the glass gets cut, the fingerprint resistant coating or oleophobic gets applied. Cheaper screen protectors will have the coating sprayed on while expensive one are statically applied.