Quick Answer: What Is A Word For Not Taking Something Seriously?

What’s a word for not taking things seriously?

What is another word for not serious?frivoloussillyshallowwhimsicalzanyflipidleirresponsiblejuvenilenon-serious137 more rows.

What does it mean to not take someone seriously?

bluntly put: They don’t think alot of you, or your opinion in that matter) Possibility two: They’ve mistaken your concern / statement for a joke. (or a hypothetical mind game) all in all just something that isn’t going to happen, so they decide not to take it seriously.

What does it mean to not take something lightly?

To regard something with a great amount of seriousness or gravity. I hope you aren’t taking these allegations lightly—they could mean a life in prison!

What is another word for flippant?

What is another word for flippant?flippertsaucycutesassysmartwisebrassybreezyflighty56 more rows

What do you call a person who doesn’t care about anything?

The person who simply doesn’t care about anything or anyone is said to be apathetic.

What do you call a person who thinks things through?

Synonyms broody, cogitative, meditative, melancholy, musing, pensive, reflective, ruminant, ruminative, thoughtful. See also: contemplative (ODO) (formal) 1 thinking quietly and seriously about something.

What does it mean when you can’t think of a word?

You know the feeling when you’re searching for a word and just can’t call it to mind? It happens more and more as we age, often causing anxiety that the forgetfulness is a sign of oncoming dementia. … When words aren’t used often, connections to their sounds become weakened and make retrieval more difficult.

What is a word for not thinking things through?

impulsive. adjective. someone who is impulsive tends to do things without thinking about what will happen as a result.

What do you call a person who is serious?

Some common synonyms of serious are earnest, grave, sedate, sober, solemn, and staid.

Is flippant a negative word?

When it first showed up in the English language around the 17th century, flippant meant glib and talkative. But over the years it has developed a more negative connotation. Today flippant is used to describe a blasé attitude or comment in a situation that calls for seriousness.

What does fictitious mean?

created, taken, or assumed for the sake of concealment; not genuine; false: fictitious names. of, relating to, or consisting of fiction; imaginatively produced or set forth; created by the imagination: a fictitious hero.

What is the meaning of not serious?

flippant, glib, waggish, joking, jokey, light-hearted, facetious, fatuous, inane, shallow, superficial, senseless, thoughtless, ill-considered, non-serious. 1.1Not requiring or meriting deep reflection; light or humorous.

Is flippant a word?

adjective. frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness; characterized by levity: The audience was shocked by his flippant remarks about patriotism.

What does glib mean in English?

readily fluent, often thoughtlessly, superficially, or insincerely so: a glib talker; glib answers. easy or unconstrained, as actions or manners.

What is another word for impetuous?

Some common synonyms of impetuous are abrupt, headlong, precipitate, and sudden. While all these words mean “showing undue haste or unexpectedness,” impetuous stresses extreme impatience or impulsiveness.