Quick Answer: How Much Money Is A Grip?

What illness is the grip?


What does gaffer mean?

Gaffer (boss), a British colloquial term for “boss”, “foreman” or “old man” Gaffer (filmmaking), the head of the electrical/lighting department. Gaffer, a person who blows glass.

How much is a grip slang?

(slang) As much as one can hold in a hand; a handful. I need to get a grip of nails for my project.

What does it mean when someone says get a grip?

When a person has let their emotions take control of their actions and thoughts, often times people will tell them to “get a grip” – to get their emotions under control. From thefreedictionary.com: Get a grip (on yourself): to make an effort to control your emotions and behave more calmly.

Is a grip a suitcase?

A grip is a bag that is smaller than a suitcase, and that you use when you are travelling.