Quick Answer: Does A Circle Have 0 Or 1 Side?

What is the edge of a circle?


Any straight line from the center of a circle.

to its edge is called the radius.


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How many sides does a circle have answer?

Answer and Explanation: A circle does not have any sides as it’s made up of arcs, creating a continuous line that meets at two ends. All parts of a circle are of equal…

Do circles have infinite corners?

It’s not that a circle has an infinite number of corners, per se. A better way of thinking about it is that a circle has an infinite number of edges. … As you add more edges, the polygon becomes closer and closer to a circle. In the limit, the figure is a circle.

Are there sides in a circle?

A circle is an infinitely long line. There are only two sides of any line. Therefore the Circle has only TWO sides. Philosophically, the two sides represent what is contained within the circle (One Side) and what is contained outside the circle (Second Side).

What is 2 sided shape called?

DigonRegular digonOn a circle, a digon is a tessellation with two antipodal points, and two 180° arc edges.TypeRegular polygonEdges and vertices2Schläfli symbol{2}3 more rows

What is the shape with the most sides?

myriagonMyriagonRegular myriagonTypeRegular polygonEdges and vertices10000Schläfli symbol{10000}, t{5000}, tt{2500}, ttt{1250}, tttt{625}Coxeter diagram5 more rows

What does the 4 corners of the earth mean?

The far ends of the world; all parts of the world. For example, Athletes came from the four corners of the earth to compete in the Olympics.

How many corners does a rhombus have?

four verticesNo matter what angles you have for the rhombus’s four vertices, the diagonals of a rhombus are always at right angles to each other. These diagonals also cut each other exactly in half. Geometricians say they bisect each other. That means the two diagonals divide the rhombus up into four right-angle triangles.

Does a circle have 1 side?

A circle has one curved edge, no sides.

Why does a circle have 0 sides?

Although a circle is a shape, it is not a polygon, so it does not have sides. If that isn’t convincing, consider process of elimination – it can’t have one side, because by definition sides are (straight) line segments. It can’t have a finite number of a sides because that would make it some polygon (eg.

What is a 10 sided shape?

decagonIn geometry, a decagon is a ten-sided polygon or 10-gon.

What do you call a shape with infinite sides?

In geometry, an apeirogon (from the Greek word ἄπειρος apeiros, “infinite, boundless” and γωνία gonia, “angle”) or infinite polygon is a generalized polygon with a countably infinite number of sides.

How many sides can a shape have before it becomes a circle?

For a regular polygon with 10,000 sides (a myriagon) the internal angle is 179.964°. As the number of sides increase, the internal angle can come very close to 180°, and the shape of the polygon approaches that of a circle. However the polygon can never become a circle.

Why is infinity not a number?

Infinity is not a number; it is the name for a concept. Most people have sort of an intuitive idea of what infinity is – it’s a quantity that’s bigger than any number. … Even though infinity is not a number, it is possible for one infinite set to contain more things than another infinite set.

Does a circle have 0 or infinite sides?

If you think of it as a curve, then it has an inside and an outside. If you think of it as the limit of an n-sided regular polygon, then one can justify the answer that the circle has infinitely many infinitesimal sides.

Does a circle have corners?

A corner is where 2 sides meet. E.g. a triangle has 3 straight sides and 3 corners, whereas a circle has 1 curved side but no corners.

How many dimensions is a circle?

2 dimensionsA circle has 2 dimensions. You can see a circle as a straight line in one dimension that has from some reason bent around a point so that each of its dot is exactly in the same distance from that point.

What is a shape with 1 side called?

There is no polygon with one side, because the definition of a polygon is “a 2-dimensional closed shape”. … A circle can also does not be considered as a one-sided polygon, because it does not consist of line segments.

What is a 33 sided shape called?

tritriacontagonWhat is the name of a polygon with…?#Name of the Polygon + Geometric Drawing33 sidestritriacontagon34 sidestetratriacontagon35 sidespentatriacontagon36 sideshexatriacontagon53 more rows

How many vertices are in a circle?

0Circle/Number of vertices

Are circles infinite?

In standard geometry circles (and any line segment) contain an infinite number of points. That, perhaps, makes a circle “infinite” in at least some way. A circle is also the limit of an infinite sequence of polygons as the number of sides increases to infinity.