Quick Answer: Can DoorDash Customers See Your Location?

Do DoorDash customers see your phone number?

DoorDash values its customers’ privacy and uses a service that helps conceal both your and your driver’s numbers.

The only way your Dasher can see your phone number is if you include it yourself in the instructions when placing the order..

Does DoorDash just leave food at door?

For now, within the DoorDash app, when you go to check out, under “Delivery Instructions,” customers can leave a note that they’d like food to be left at the door. After the order has gone through, customers can also text the driver with a photo of the exact spot where they would like the food to be placed.

Why are menu prices higher on DoorDash?

And both companies say they need surge pricing in order to give delivery people more incentive to deliver for them when more customers are placing orders. Look out for higher menu prices: Some apps may charge more for menu items than they cost if you walked into the restaurant.

What happens if DoorDash never comes?

You’ll now be notified on the Ratings tab of your app when a customer reports that an order you marked as delivered never arrived. … You may also absolutely continue to request your own no-contact delivery drop-offs.

How much should I tip my DoorDash?

If you’re going to tip your DoorDash driver, it is recommended that you follow general service-industry tipping guidelines. In other words, think about tipping the same amount you would tip your server at a restaurant or your pizza delivery driver. In most areas, this equates about 15%-20% of your total bill.

How do I know if DoorDash delivers to me?

If you don’t want to read through every city DoorDash delivers to, you can easily check if it’s available in your area by typing in your address on the delivery page where it says “Food Delivery Near Me.”

What happens when DoorDash gets order wrong?

While we strive to make both your order and delivery perfect every time, sometimes mistakes happen. … If a delivered order was missing item(s) or had incorrect item(s), please submit a report to the DoorDash support team: Using the email address used to place the order, sign in to www.doordash.com or the DoorDash app.

Can I see my reviews on DoorDash?

Here’s how to view your ratings: Launch the DoorDash Driver app on your phone or tablet. Tap on the Rating option. You can see the customer reviews here alongside detailed info about your Dasher stats.

Can DoorDash customers see your name?

Yes, they see your full name.

Can door Dashers call you?

Do you text or call your Dasher during a Doordash delivery if you need to, or do you just accept whatever mistakes you made during your ordering process? … Once the order is placed in the app, the customer has an interface which allows them to call the restaurant, or to call or text their assigned Dasher.

How can I call DoorDash support?

855-973-1040DoorDash Support. 855-973-1040.

Can DoorDash deliver anywhere?

DoorDash is currently available in over 850 cities across North America and is growing fast! To see if DoorDash is available in your neighborhood, visit http://www.doordash.com/food-delivery/.

Can I request a specific DoorDash driver?

Unfortunately, no you can not request a specific DoorDasher. That is as a customer, you cannot request a specific dasher. As a partnered merchant you can rate review the drivers that pick up from your location. You can designate a driver as preferred.

How much do you tip your Dasher?

That depends on who you ask, but, generally, both customers and drivers agree that $4 is a fair tip, according to the study. However, that might be low depending on the amount of food you order. Gottsman suggests tipping at least 20% of the total cost of the meal, or at least $5.

Does DoorDash have a distance limit?

The typical delivery distance is 15 miles. This way the restaurant is able to assist more customers with a quicker response time. … How much does DoorDash take from restaurants for each food order?