Question: Who’S Faster Sonic Or Flash?

Can The Flash beat Goku?

Goku would definitely win.

Goku can create another Big Bang by destroying the universe.

(The Big Bang is Faster than the Flash because Flash only travels faster than Light.) Goku can easily increase his speed by training and also by using Kaio Ken and turning Super Saiyan..

Can Sonic beat Thanos?

Super Sonic is apparently immune to damage and can travel so fast that he goes back in time. Sonic has beaten reality warpers before as Super Sonic. … Hyper Sonic could be so durable that he is immune to Thanos’ reality attacks, however we can only guesstimate. Super Sonic is completely invulnerable.

Who is faster Flash or Superman?

As a general rule, the comics claim that The Flash is the faster hero, with Barry Allen, Wally West and even an octogenarian Jay Garrick having outrun Superman over the years. … This leads to Superman flying after both Flashes, in an effort to find out what has them so stirred up that they’re moving so quickly.

Who would win in a race sonic or flash?

If we compare this speed to the speed of light, that mean Barry Allen totalled a whopping 13 trillion times faster than the speed of light itself. Overall, The Flash is the clear winner hear, and could easily beat Sonic at top speed.

Who is faster Sonic or QuickSilver?

Sonic can reach Light speed and has done so multiple times within the series. … Movie QuickSilver is at least a Speed of Sound character as he’s easily able to save people from a train on the run.

Is Goku faster than flash?

Goku has a base speed of just over the speed of light so instantaneous transmission would definitely be his go to method in a race against The Flash. … Goku is light speed, and he might even be faster then light itself, But The flash is insane.

Can Sonic beat Superman?

Sonic, even in his super form, couldn’t even damage Superman. If sonic every ounce of power and heart into one blast, Superman would take it and he’ll think something just flicked him. His strength his unimaginable, he once picked up a powerful book(I’ll find name later) that weight infinity. INFINITY!!!!

Can Goku beat Superman?

Goku would be just as powerful during an eclipse or at any other time, unlike Superman. While Superman can go into space to be closer to the sun and therefore more powerful, Goku could just as easily call on the energy of every living thing in the universe. Checkmate.

Who’s faster than the flash?

Hunter Zolomon8 Hunter Zolomon Wally West’s greatest villain and arguably “faster” than any speedster, Hunter Zolomon is most commonly known as Zoom (though he has also gone by the Reverse-Flash).

Who is faster flash or Sonic?

@IGN pretty sure Sonic hasn’t run faster than the speed of time like Barry or Wally. Unless SonicPoint is a comic I missed. Flash Wins. @IGN The Flash obviously because Sonic can’t break the sound barrier and bend time like Barry Allen can.

Who can beat Goku in anime?

The following are 15 anime characters who can destroy Goku without even breaking a sweat.8 LAIN (SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN)9 ALUCARD (HELLSING) … 10 TRUTH (FULL METAL ALCHEMIST) … 11 SAILOR MOON (SAILOR MOON) … 12 RHYDON (POKEMON) … 13 SAITAMA (ONE PUNCH MAN) … 14 RYUK (DEATH NOTE) … 15 ZENO (DRAGON BALL SUPER) … More items…•

Who is the fastest Sonic?

Top 10 Fastest “Sonic the Hedgehog” CharactersShadow the Hedgehog.Scourge the Hedgehog. … Infinite. … Emerl. First appearance: Sonic Battle. … Blaze the Cat. First appearance: Sonic Rush. … Miles “Tails” Prower. First appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 2. … Silver the Hedgehog. First appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) … Espio the Chameleon. First appearance: Knuckles’ Chaotix. … More items…•

Who’s faster Quicksilver or flash?

In terms of pure speed, in their respective universes, the Flash (Barry Allen) is faster, by far, than Quicksilver. … Quicksilver has been seen at a top speed of four or five times the speed of sound (Mach 4 or 5). This level of speed for Quicksilver is new.

Who’s faster flash or dash?

CW flash is faster than Dash. … Even I know Flash could lap Dash at least 100 times over, and I doubt Dash could run around the galaxy since the fastest he went in the movie was running on water.

Who is faster Sonic or Goku?

Goku easily wins this. Sonic although fast, isn’t actually that fast. Normally, he is around the speed of sound, at around 750 mph.

Can Sonic beat shadow?

Shadow is stronger and Sonic is faster. They have fought many times although in Shadow the Hedgehog (game), Shadow can kill Sonic. And Sonic has beaten Shadow a few times as well.

Who is the fastest superhero ever?

10 BARRY ALLEN Barry Allen, or the Flash has to be considered one of the fastest superheroes in comics. He’s the Scarlet Speedster and, arguably, the most iconic character to don the red and gold costume.

Can Goku hold Mjolnir?

While Goku is generally restrained in the use of his powers, he has been known to unleash his full potential of a few occasions. When he does, his fury is akin to Viking style rage, making him worthy of using Mjolnir in battle. The purity of his spirit is never in doubt, nor is his intention to do good.