Question: What Information Is Displayed On The Status Bar?

How do I show the vertical page on my status bar?

Right-click the status bar.


Check “Vertical Page Position”.

Note that depending on your computer’s speed, when scrolling through your documents it may take Word a half second or so to update the position..

What is progress tag in HTML?

The HTML element displays an indicator showing the completion progress of a task, typically displayed as a progress bar.

How do I customize the status bar in Word?

Customizing the Status Bar in Word 2010Right click on the Status Bar. Customize Status Bar menu displays. … To add an item to the Status Bar or to monitor, click the item. A checkmark displays in the Customize Status Bar menu.To remove an item from the Status Bar, click the checked item. The checkmark is removed.

What is status in JavaScript?

The status property sets the text in the status bar at the bottom of the browser, or returns the previously set text. … To allow scripts to change the text of the status, the user must set the dom. disable_window_status_change preference to false in the about:config screen.

What does Taskbar mean?

row of buttonsnoun Computers. a row of buttons on a display screen that are clicked on to start software applications or switch between open applications or active windows.

Where is the status bar located in Word?

The Status Bar in Word is available at the bottom of the document window and displays information about your document, such as what page you are currently viewing, how many words are in your document, and whether any proofing errors were found.

What is menu bar and status bar?

Title bar : The coloured bar at the top of a computer window that shows the name of the program and whether it is being used at that time. Menu bar : A horizontal menu that appears on top of a window. … It is a long, thin strip at the side of a computer window, used for moving its contents up, down, or across.

What are the different components of status bar?

Status BarsTypes and Styles.Size and Height.Multiple-Part Status Bars.Status Bar Text Operations.Owner-Drawn Status Bars.Simple Mode Status Bars.Default Status Bar Message Processing.

Where is status bar on phone?

The status bar is at the top of the display, on the right. The time, the battery status and current connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are displayed here. On the left side of this strip, you’ll find app icons to alert you to new messages, updates to the Play Store, and other notifications.

What is the difference between taskbar and status bar?

The most classic status bars are found at the bottom of the window of the app. A task bar is a larger grain concept. It is a zone providing feedback about tasks, i.e. several apps.

What is NAV tag in HTML?