Question: What Does Don’T Get Too Big For Your Britches Mean?

Where did britches come from?


The spelling britches is a spelling variant, not a corruption, dating from the 17th century.

Presently, britches reflects a common pronunciation often used in casual speech to mean trousers or pants in many English-speaking parts of the world.

Breeks is a Scots or northern English spelling and pronunciation..

Is it breeches or britches?

Breeches vs britches. Breeches are short trousers that extend to or below the knee. When speaking informally, breeches is a term that may refer to any trousers. … Britches first came into use in 1571, it is an alternate spelling of breeches, and also, a less formal spelling.

What does cat has your tongue mean?

Definition of cat got your tongue informal. —used to ask someone why he or she is not saying anything”You’ve been unusually quiet tonight,” she said.

What is the meaning of yelled?

intransitive verb. 1 : to utter a loud cry, scream, or shout. 2 : to give a cheer usually in unison. transitive verb. : to utter or declare with or as if with a yell : shout.

What is the meaning of squeaked?

intransitive verb. 1 : to utter or make a short shrill cry or noise. 2 : squeal sense 2a. 3 : to pass, succeed, or win by a narrow margin just squeaked by in the election.

What does Bombardier mean?

A bombardier or bomb aimer is the crew member of a bomber aircraft responsible for the targeting of aerial bombs. … During World War II, US Army Air Forces bombardiers were recognized with the award of the Bombardier Badge.

What does too big mean?

: too confident or proud of oneself.

What does too big for your boots mean?

UK informal (US too big for your britches) behaving as if you are more important than you really are: He’s been getting a bit too big for his boots since he got that promotion.

What’s the difference between breeches and pants?

No belts were worn. Instead, breeches, pantaloons and trousers were held up by tight-fitting waists, which were adjusted by gusset ties in back of the waist. … Breeches, or short pants worn just below the knee, were popular during the 18th century.

What does keep your pants on mean?

Definition of keep your pants on US, informal. —used to tell someone to be patient”Aren’t you ready to leave yet?” “Keep your pants on! I’ll be ready in a minute.”

What is a better word for big?

large, sizeable, of considerable size, substantial, considerable, great, huge, immense, enormous, extensive, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, prodigious, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, mighty, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, epic, mountainous, megalithic, monstrous, Brobdingnagian.

What is the meaning of glitch?

a usually minor malfunction1a : a usually minor malfunction a glitch in a spacecraft’s fuel cell also : bug entry 1 sense 2. b : a minor problem that causes a temporary setback : snag. 2 : a false or spurious electronic signal.

Is it too big or to big?

It’s too big a problem is correct. There’s no sense in the second one. Too big defines a problem. If you insert of, you need a noun and that would transfer the modification too big to that noun as in – It’s too big a size of a problem.

Why are jodhpurs shaped like that?

These are jodhpurs, a style of pants developed primarily for horseback riding. Their intent was to allow flexibility in the hip and thigh while the more narrow lower portion worked well with riding boots and didn’t get caught up in stirrups.

What does hold onto your britches mean?

The speaker uttered this mix up, and then said, “I mean, keep your britches on.” This is a congruent conflation of “hold your horses” and “keep your britches (or pants) on”, both meaning to restrain yourself. Britches, or breeches, are pants used in riding horses so I can see where the speaker was confused.

What is the meaning of wriggle out?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwriggle out of something phrasal verb1 to avoid doing something by using clever excuses SYN get out of something Don’t try to wriggle out of your responsibilities.

What is the meaning of smell a rat?

to recognize that something is not as it appears to be or that something dishonest is happening: He’s been working late with her every night this week – I smell a rat!

Where did the phrase too big for your britches come from?

‘Too big for your breeches’, or ‘too big for your britches’, sounds like an American phrase, and it is. It is first found in print in An Account of Col. Crockett’s Tour to the North and Down East, 1835, written by Davy Crockett. I myself was one of the first to fire a gun under Andrew Jackson.

What does the word britches mean?

Noun. 1. britches – informal term for breeches. breeches, knee breeches, knee pants, knickerbockers, knickers – trousers ending above the knee. plural, plural form – the form of a word that is used to denote more than one.