Question: How Do I Stay Connected To WiFi When My IPhone Is Locked?

How do I stop my WiFi from disconnecting when my phone is locked?

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi settings> and select the menu button again.

Youll be prompted to either scan or select advanced.

Select Advanced.

Select Wifi sleep policy , and you will have a couple of options to select from.

Choose Never..

How do I get my iPhone to stay connected to WiFi?

Restart both the router and the phone. Once both devices are available forget the Wi-Fi connection from your phone then connect to it again. Resetting the network settings is also recommended in this particular problem. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Why is my WiFi locked on my iPhone?

In my experience, a grayed-out Wi-Fi button usually indicates a hardware problem with the Wi-Fi antenna on your iPhone. On Robert’s model, an iPhone 4S, the Wi-Fi antenna runs directly under the headphone jack, and often times some debris or a little drop of liquid can short it out.

Why does the WiFi on my phone keep disconnecting?

You can disable this feature in your Android device by looking under the Advanced Wi-Fi settings for the option that allows the Android device to automatically switch away from a wireless network if it thinks the network is bad. … Auto Network Switch. Smart Network Switch.

How do I get my phone to stay connected to WiFi?

Go to Settings > WiFi on your Android phone, tap the forget network option. Your phone will erase all your WiFi settings. Then reconnect your WiFi with passwords and check if the problem is solved.