Did Daryl Kill Beta?

Who kills beta?

AaronIn The Walking Dead comic books, Beta is killed by Aaron, as highlighted by ComicBook.

Reflecting on the character’s arc, he becomes the commander of the Whisperers with a grudge against Negan for the murder of previous leader, Alpha..

Did beta survive the fall?

As the episode ends, a familiar face — or rather, walker face — awakens in the building. Beta survived that nasty fall, and while he’s definitely seen better days, it stands to reason he’ll be okay… and he has a new enemy. Daryl Dixon had better watch his back…

What episode does Daryl fight Beta?

Meeting Alpha was no picnicMeeting Alpha was no picnic. Now it’s time to meet Beta. In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl’s daring rescue mission to save Lydia forces Alpha to unleash a group of her own — including her second in command.

Who is the best fighter in the walking dead?

The Walking Dead: 10 Most Vicious Fighters, Ranked1 Carol Peletier. Carol might not be your typical idea of a “vicious killer.” But make no mistake that she deservedly sits in the top spot on this list.2 Philip “The Governor” Blake. … 3 Rick. … 4 Negan. … 5 Michonne. … 6 Daryl Dixon. … 7 “Beta” … 8 Paul “Jesus” Rovia. … More items…•

Why did Negan kill Alpha?

Negan killed Alpha for Carol — a twist on what happens in the comics. In the comics, Negan sets out on his own to kill Alpha to prove himself to Rick. He delivers Alpha’s head to an injured Rick in issue No. 157, knowing that Rick never would have been able to kill the Whisperer leader on his own.

Did Negan kill Alpha?

In episode 12 of season 10 called Walk With Us, we saw Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finally killed Alpha after tricking her into thinking her daughter was being held captive in a cabin. … For viewers who don’t remember, Negan didn’t escape his prison cell in Alexandria all on his own.

What is wrong with beta face?

In the episode, streaming now on the AMC website, Beta has a confrontation with Gamma (Thora Birch) that leads to his mask getting torn and part of his face becoming visible. One of the Whisperers recognizes him, saying, “Your voice sounded familiar, but…,” only for Beta to kill him to keep his secret.

Does Daryl die in walking dead?

AliveDaryl Dixon/Status

Why does beta hide his face?

And Beta constantly has his face covered not because he’s scarred (and this is still speculation), but because he’s famous and recognizable. … Eventually when people do see Beta’s face, they recognize him as a former basketball star and actor. He’s famous.

What happens to Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 9?

Or just give him the most random, frustrating death in the history of television, where he just gets a staph infection in a random episode and dies peacefully in his sleep. But just kill the guy already. If Daryl dies, we’ll stay quiet. The Walking Dead Season 9 Returns February 10.

Does beta ever show his face?

In the comics, Beta does not have a disfigured face, so that is not the reason for his hiding his appearance. But he’s just as obsesses as he is in the TV series and never takes off that mask. Before the apocalypse in the comic series, Beta was a wealthy celebrity – a famous basketball player who later became an actor.

Does Beta die?

In the comic books, Beta dies at the hands of characters Paul Monroe and Aaron (Ross Marquand) after he finds them sleeping in the forest on his way to the Hilltop. … Beta is close to killing Paul when Aaron shoots Beta in the chest, finally bringing him down.

What episode does beta die?

The Walking Dead 10×14 “Beta Kills Alpha” Ending Scene Season 10 Episode 14 HD Look at the – YouTube.

Does beta take his mask off?

In the comics, Beta similarly refuses to take off his mask. His identity is only revealed when he is killed by Aaron and Jesus at the end of the Whisperer War. … Alpha briefly gets a look at Beta’s true face in the episode, and smiles before pulling the ski mask back down.